Jonathan Singer is an English professor and union steward from Seneca College (OPSEU Local 560). He maintains a website,, devoted to discussing workplace issues that affect the professors, librarians, and counsellors at Ontario’s Colleges. Starting this past August, Jonathan began publishing podcasts around the bargaining process.

In his November 16th episode, he analyzes CEC’s messaging and the most recent (conciliation) stage of the bargaining process.

EP5: Conciliation, Strike Vote, and Work-to-Rule The Ontario College Podcast

Episode Five starts (0:49-5:35) with Jonathan covering bargaining events including Conciliation, the successful strike authorization vote, the Employer’s imposition of Terms & Conditions of employment, and the start of Work-to-Rule.  It continues (5:36-18:48)with a deep dive into the explicit and implicit messages of the Employer’s deployment of the Colleges’ communications platforms for Captive Audience Messages, before finishing off with an interview (19:10-40:00) with JP Hornick, Chair of the faculty bargaining team, in which we look back at the strike authorization vote, and discuss the meaning of imposed Terms & Conditions. — Work-to-Rule Documents: FAQ: Phase One: Phase Two: Works Cited: Sara Slinn, “Captive Audience Meetings and Forced Listening: Lessons for Canada from the American Experience.” Industrial Relations 63.4 (2008) David J. Doorey, “The Medium and the Anti-Union Message: Forced Listening and Captive Audience Meetings.” Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 29.2 (2007) Social Media Feeds: Twitter:  @ONcollegeprof Patreon: Blog:
  1. EP5: Conciliation, Strike Vote, and Work-to-Rule
  2. EP4: Facts, Fiction & Conciliation
  3. EP3: Mediation, Not Escalation
  4. EP2: Quality Control
  5. EP1: Bargaining Now

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