One question that has been asked is how, specifically, Partial-Load faculty should address the issue of insufficient time to complete their week’s work, when speaking with a supervisor.  

We propose the following language as a draft, to be modified to suit needs of each particular faculty member:  

“Hello __________,

As you know, in response to the imposition of terms and conditions by the CEC and the colleges, CAAT-A members are now engaged in a legal work-to-rule labour action. Under this action, all faculty members are to work to the letter of their job description or contract.

According to the CEC, the total workload hours per week for a ___-hour partial-load contract is ____ hours. I have now reached [am approaching] this total. Please advise on where I should direct the remaining work that exceeds the amount of time I have been attributed.

Thank you.”

The teaching hours and workload hours can be filled in, based upon the following chart: 

TCHTotal Workload Hours incl. Teaching

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