Back to Work Timeline

The following is a tentative revised academic schedule taking into account the pending back to work legislation.  The official schedule will be released by Fleming College.

Legislation is expected to pass over the weekend.


Faculty will return to work on Monday November 20, 2017 or Tuesday November 21, 2017.  This return to work date will be Day 1.  Classes will resume on Day 2.

Classes will continue until December 22, 2017.

Fleming College is closed December 23, 2017 – January 1, 2018.

Fall classes will resume January 2, 2018.

The Fall semester will end on January 8, 2018.  Grades will be submitted for January 10, 2018.


The Winter semester will begin on January 15, 2018.  The Winter reading break will still occur and will be scheduled March 5 – March 9.  The Winter semester will end on April 27, 2018.


Vote Q&A

The forced vote on the CEC’s offer presented on November 6th is open November 14th-16th.

Full-time and partial load faculty should have their voting PIN is in their college mailbox. You can access your email without having to go through the portal via

The sender is: Voter Info

Once you have your 8 digit PIN you can vote online at:

You can also vote by phone: 1-888-359-2308

Unlike our strike (paper ballot) vote, we aren’t sure how this electronic vote is being scrutinized to ensure no shenanigans occur.

If you haven’t voted yet, here are a few tips to help if you have to make a challenge:

  • Take a photo of your marked ballot
  • Take a screen shot of your marked ballot
  • Make a note of the time, date and your vote and any irregularities that may have occurred.



Q: What will the subject of the e-mail be?

Q: What if I have technical problems?
A: If you forget your password for your fleming email, you can use the password reset tool:  You can also e-mail Fleming IT services for help accessing your Fleming email —   If you require assistance from the OLRB their contact number is: 1-888-281-8683 (November 14–15, 8am-8pm ET; November 16, 8am-10am ET).

Q: What if my password has expired?
A: If you forget your password for your fleming email, you can use the password reset tool: .

Q: What if my mailbox is full?
A: E-mail quota limits were lifted prior to the voting e-mail being sent so it should not have ‘bounced’.

Q: What do I do if I do not receive an e-mail through my college e-mail address?
A: You can still vote.  Your vote will be segregated and the OLRB will make a final decision on the validity of your vote. If you believe that you are eligible to vote and do not receive an email on November 13, 2017 outlining how to vote and providing a personal identification number (PIN), you may contact the VOTER HELP CENTRE toll free at 1-888-281-8683 (November 14–15, 8am-8pm ET; November 16, 8am-10am ET).