Kaplan Award on Remainder (i.e., Improvements to Benefits)

Dear College Faculty Members, Arbitrator William Kaplan issued an award on September 23rd, 2022, which resulted in a new Collective Agreement (CA) with significant improvements for our members. Most of that CA became effective immediately on the date of Kaplan’s award. There has been one key outstanding issue and a resolution has, unfortunately, not come … Continue reading Kaplan Award on Remainder (i.e., Improvements to Benefits)

Solidarity with CUPE education workers

You have hopefully received an email with a press release sharing OPSEU/SEFPO education workers will walk off the job this Friday in a show of solidarity with their CUPE colleagues in a province-wide protest against Stephen Lecce and the Ford government’s Bill 28. Please know that we’re 'CAAT-A/College Faculty', not 'Education Workers/Sector 3'. Education workers … Continue reading Solidarity with CUPE education workers

New Collective Agreement FAQ

Dear Members, On September 30 and October 3, the bargaining team had the opportunity to meet with over 1,600 college faculty provincewide, during Zoom Town Halls. During those meetings, we discussed the Kaplan award that will form our new Collective Agreement. We also had the chance to answer many questions from participants, although there were … Continue reading New Collective Agreement FAQ