November 1st Email Campaign

Ontario College faculty seek to reaffirm their solidarity and ask for the government’s leadership to help us negotiate a fair collective agreement.

Click on the link below between 9am and 9pm on November 1st to send a message to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Deputy Premier Deb Matthews, as well as all 24 college presidents.

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Subject: Ready to Bargain

I am a member of OPSEU CAAT-A. I am currently on strike to stand up for quality education.

There is no excusing the Council’s refusal to entertain discussions around the major issues brought to the table. These issues were democratically decided on by our 12,000 members and affirmed by the strike vote. It is the Council’s responsibility to negotiate in good faith according to the Collective Bargaining Act.

The Council remains steadfast that the only path to settlement is via its unilaterally prescribed terms.

We need the government to take all actions possible to lead faculty and students back into Ontario college classrooms. Faculty remain committed to negotiating academic freedom, equal pay for contract faculty and establishing an equitable ratio of full-time to contract positions. We need someone to negotiate with.


Local 352

Fleming College