Local 352 has purchased the opportunity for members to view the video Searching for Professor Precarious until October 26th.

In Search of Professor Precarious is a new, 81 minute Canadian documentary feature from Red Heeler Media that was released for festival screenings in September, 2020.

Watch a 2 minute clip here: https://vimeo.com/441439656

Synopsis: A documentary in which the director, a longtime precarious contract teacher, lifts the curtain on higher education’s dirty little secret. He travels Canada to capture the experience of precarity and the fight against the exploitation of contract faculty in higher ed. IN SEARCH OF PROFESSOR PRECARIOUS introduces you to Jen, a young sessional trying to balance teaching, caring for her young family and finishing her PhD, so that she can be considered for a decent university job; Sandra Mac, fighting to reverse the 23% pay cut handed to her and her long time precarious faculty colleagues; Marco, leading a drive to get the sessional majority in his faculty association their democratic rights; and Pam, a choreographer and a leader in the largest higher ed strike in Canadian history. Join the fight for equality portrayed in this dramatic, moving and revealing film.

Link to full film for Local 352 members: https://vimeo.com/461136303

Check your email or contact a steward for the password.

Learn more at: http://professorprecarious.com/

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