Bargaining Update – August 6, 2021

Yesterday the CAAT-A Bargaining Team met with the Employer for the third consecutive day. We presented proposals on Joint Committee Time, Article 11.06 (outside employment), and Coordinators. The proposals are included as downloadable PDFs below.

Please note that we have not yet tabled our monetary proposals although we have been working on them. On July 2nd, we gave Notice to Bargain and asked the Employer for the information we need to complete our monetary proposals. That disclosure has yet to be provided. We confirmed yesterday that they are gathering the requested information and we will soon have it. As a result, our monetary proposals were the only ones not tabled this week.

We will return to the negotiations table with the Employer on Tuesday, August 10th and will continue to keep you updated.  

In Solidarity,

JP Hornick
Jonathan Singer
Michelle Arbour
Kathleen Flynn
Shawn Pentecost
Ravi Ramkissoonsingh
Rebecca Ward

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