Bargaining Update: September 9, 2021

The faculty bargaining team wishes all faculty the best for the start of the Fall semester and recognizes the enormous amount of work and anxiety that professors, instructors, counsellors, and librarians are experiencing this September.

The team was back at the table today and will return again tomorrow.  Today, we met with the employer and received their Article 2 Staffing proposal.  The employer proposes to suspend the union’s ability to rely on staffing data during the pandemic for staffing grievances going forward.  

We also received their responses to a number of our proposals from August, and the assurance that they would have further responses for us tomorrow and next week.

We presented a counter-proposal on the counsellor class definition, incorporating feedback from our consultation with counsellors across the province.  Our counter-proposal also addresses some of the concerns that the management team raised concerning our original proposal.

Finally, we responded to a series of the CEC team’s troubling assertions around key faculty issues, their lack of any significant proposals or counter-proposals to address their stated areas of concern, and reaffirmed our commitment to bargain a fair settlement that satisfactorily addresses the changes faculty need now.

The detailed presentations and proposals communicated today by both teams are attached below. 

Stay tuned for a further update tomorrow.
In solidarity, 

JP, Jonathan, Michelle, Katie, Shawn, Ravi, Rebecca

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