Greetings Faculty:

A gentle reminder that starting today at 9am, and continuing through Saturday, December 11 at 3pm, all full-time and partial-load faculty have the opportunity to participate in the strike mandate vote.  

As we had predicted, the College Employer Council has escalated their campaign of fear-mongering, and the individual Colleges are supporting them in distributing increasingly aggressive communications designed to divide and frighten faculty.

We note, however, that while they are focused on process and so-called “fact-checking,” they have not listed what they “cannot ever agree to.”

To review, the changes that the College Employer Council, and therefore the Colleges, claim that they cannot agree to are:

  • Workload improvements 
  • Preparation time for online learning
  • Partial-load job security and seniority improvements
  • No contracting out of counsellor and other faculty work
  • Faculty consent prior to the sale or reuse of faculty course materials
  • Jointly-led committees and round tables able to implement changes around workload, equity, and Indigenization, decolonization, and Truth and Reconciliation

Further, the CEC continues to assert its right to unilaterally impose terms and conditions rather than bargain a collective agreement or agree to the voluntary interest arbitration that the faculty have proposed.

In response, the faculty team asks you to support the call to coordinated work action, and as promised we will use a successful strike mandate to engage in a series of escalating work-to-rule actions to put pressure on the administration of each college, not on students.

We encourage you to review faculty’s proposals and background information on your Local’s website (or Local 110’s update page), on our YouTube channel, or at

In solidarity,

JP, Jonathan, Katie, Michelle, Ravi, Rebecca, Shawn

The CAATA Bargaining Team

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