There have been several questions come up this week around what is ‘struck work’ and what is not.

To help summarize we have created the following two infographics:

Two other pieces that have also come up in several schools are questions around coordinator work and orientation.

Coordinators Baseline Duties is assigned work that falls on your SWF. Anything outside of the SWF (activities) that are to be done fall under Article 11.08. If a coordinator meeting is scheduled by an administrator in an 11.08 week consider requesting the meeting to be held during week one where the work is assigned.

If orientation is occurring outside of a regularly SWFed week and you wish to participate, consider requesting a SWF for the week. Faculty are typically SWFed 34 weeks of the year, but the collective agreement indicated they can be SWFed for up to 36 weeks. If the Chair wants to assign work (orientation) then they can create a SWF, thereby creating a win-win. Alternative program orientations may also be rolled out by the teaching team in weeks 1 and 2.

The province wide meeting held on Wednesday spoke to orientation and much more. Here are the slides and notes from the presentation:

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out

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