Bargaining and Arbitration update

Greetings Faculty:  A huge thank you to each of you for standing strong during a long and difficult round of bargaining. As you know by now, facing pressure from student organizations and the resolve of faculty, on Thursday evening–just one hour before the strike deadline–the College Employer Council (CEC) agreed to send matters to binding … Continue reading Bargaining and Arbitration update

Phase 3 Work-to-Rule Information

WORK-TO-RULE PHASE 3 STARTS TOMORROW: DETAILS BELOW Greetings faculty: The Colleges’ team, via the CEC, continues to assert that they will not return to the bargaining table, nor agree to refer outstanding issues to interest arbitration, despite faculty having clearly rejected their final offer.  Typically in bargaining, following a failed final offer vote, the employer … Continue reading Phase 3 Work-to-Rule Information

Bargaining Update on Vote Results and Work to Rule

Greetings faculty: We just voted down the CEC’s forced offer again and sent a clear and resounding message to the College Presidents and the CEC team that they must negotiate faculty’s key issues. The Colleges’ team is clinging to a fear-mongering campaign —one sanctioned and supported by the College Presidents. The Colleges’ team has once … Continue reading Bargaining Update on Vote Results and Work to Rule

Information for Partial-Load Faculty

One question that has been asked is how, specifically, Partial-Load faculty should address the issue of insufficient time to complete their week’s work, when speaking with a supervisor.   We propose the following language as a draft, to be modified to suit needs of each particular faculty member:   "Hello __________, As you know, in response to … Continue reading Information for Partial-Load Faculty