Seniority Lists and Partial Load Service Credits

In accordance with Article 27.04 of the collective agreement, the college publishes seniority lists each January.  Typically this is done on January 31st.

Faculty have two weeks to dispute the accuracy of these list.

The posted lists can be found in print form outside the Union office on Sutherland campus  (B3 ) or on the HR website. Links to the lists on the HR website are as follows:

While the full-time and probationary seniority lists are based on hiring date, the partial load seniority list is based upon service credits.

The way service credits are calculated change in October 1, 2017 with the new collective agreement.  Humber College has just produced (February 1, 2020) a useful video that explains how service credits calculation works:

If you have questions about your service credits, please don’t hesitate to speak with your supervisor or a union steward.


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