None of us want to be on strike.  Many of us have experienced one, two or three strikes while working at Fleming.  A strike vote doesn’t mean that we are going on strike – it gives us options to avoid a lockout or an impose contract.

Without a strike vote, the employer can lock us out which they have indicated they will not do; however, they can impose a contract.  An imposed contract, based on the employer’s most recent proposal will decimate the CA, and bust the union. 

This is a very high stakes situation and we must be aware of the seriousness of the events and how every member can influence the outcome.

Of course no one wants to be on strike, but without a strike vote how will the employer know we stand behind the proposals we all supported 4 months ago? How will they know that the union is not going anywhere and solidarity will win?

We also have a responsibility to speak to Maureen Adamson, our college president ,and find out if she and other college presidents stand behind the CEC’s recent decision to walk away from the table and file a no board report?  Are they willing to allow the CEC to create a situation whereby college’s could be dealing with further disruptions rather than a return to the classroom in January? 

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