Jonathan Singer is an English professor and union steward from Seneca College (OPSEU Local 560). He maintains a website,, devoted to discussing workplace issues that affect the professors, librarians, and counsellors at Ontario’s Colleges. Starting this past August, Jonathan began publishing podcasts around the bargaining process.

In his November 16th episode, he analyzes CEC’s messaging and the most recent (conciliation) stage of the bargaining process.

Facts, Fiction & Conciliation The Ontario College Podcast

In Episode Four (recorded on Tuesday, Nov. 16), Jonathan starts by analyzing an interesting trend in the recent messages from the College Employer Council, before looking at the current state of bargaining, at the cusp of Conciliation following the CEC’s latest escalation. The episode wraps up with a discussion of the faculty bargaining team’s approach to proposals, with a deep dive into the super-sexy topic of the importance of dispute resolution mechanisms for joint committees. READ:  a) The CAAT-A Nov. 8 Offer of Settlement b) Comparison of Offers (EN) & Comparison des Offres (FR) c) CEC Claims fact checked   Twitter:  @ONcollegeprof Patreon: Blog:
  1. Facts, Fiction & Conciliation
  2. EP3: Mediation, Not Escalation
  3. EP2: Quality Control
  4. EP1: Bargaining Now

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