Newsletter – December


Volume 11, Issue 1


President – Liz Mathewson

George Fogarasi

Victoria Maystruk

Table Of Contents

Bargaining Townhalls

The CAAT-A Divisional Executive is organizing two Provincewide Bargaining Updates, in advance of the strike authorization vote. The Bargaining Team will be presenting bargaining updates at these meetings, and attendees will have the chance to submit questions.

Pre-registration is required, at the links below. All members are invited to both meetings, although the Tuesday meeting will be devoted to partial-load issues.

Simultaneous translation for these meetings has been arranged.

Local 240 (Mohawk College) Special Bargaining Newsletter

Our colleagues at Local 240 put together a special bargaining edition bulletin of their newsletter. They did such a great job we had to share it with you. Look inside to fnd out about recent developments in bargaining, answers to some FAQs and a brief history of bargaining within the Ontario college system.

Privatizing Education

Victoria Maystruk

I was at a meeting at Fleming recently and PPP was on the agenda.  The only update was that there was no news to report.  We moved onto the next item.  I asked what PPP stood for: Private-Public Partnerships, a concept discussed often enough by management that the need to explain the acronym is fading. It’s a benign term (“partnership” sounds nice) but it means privatizing our work.

Today, Fanshawe announced a new PPP (or 3P as they are also called)  and provided educational materials for the partnership. A private college in Toronto will deliver the following programs “on behalf of the College:” Hospitality and Tourism, Operations Management, Gerontology, Hotel and Resort Services Management, and Addictions and Mental Health.  An FAQ explains “these programs [were] selected because Fanshawe is limited in its capacity to offer them in our current facilities and there are limited number of work placements locally.”

The full news release and FAQs are here:

There are over 400 private colleges in Ontario, with 60 in Brampton (many with lower language requirements). PPPs are on the agenda at Fleming College as the Government of Ontario continues to defund post-secondary education and push for these partnerships.

‘Tis the season of giving!

This year Fleming SAC’s Helping Hand Student Food Bank Drive will take place on December 15th. Drop off non-perishables food and hygiene items to Room C1 430 to help replenish the Fleming SAC Emergency Food Bank. Donations will be used support students who experience food insecurity.

Some item ideas:

Canned Soup/Stews, Canned meat, Canned pasta, Canned Veggies/Fruit, Oatmeal, Cereal, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Crackers, Rice, Condiments, Coffee, Almond Milk/Juices (that can live on a shelf), Snacks/Treats (Granola bars, popcorn, pudding cups, applesauce, or fruit cups, individual cookies packs etc. ), Toiletries (TP, Soap, Shampoo, Razors etc), Kitchen needs – Dish soap & can openers

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Zinn at

Thank you in advance for your support!”

Return to Campus

Local 351 (The support staff union)

As many begin turning their minds to our eventual return to campus, the Executive of Local 351 has put together some tips in the attached document to assist in easing your return to campus. Post-covid may bring challenges but we are here to support you.

Upcoming Events

December 6, 2021 – LEC Meeting

The Union Stewards meet on the first Monday of the month to discuss issues of concern. Please let a steward know if there is anything you would like discuss.
List of stewards

December 7-8, 2021 – Bargaining Townhalls

For more details see the information at the top of the newsletter.

December 9-11, 2021 – Online Strike Vote

The Ontario Labour Relations Board has confirmed that it will conduct a strike vote online, from Thursday December 9 until Saturday December 11 (at 3:00 P.M.). All current full-time and partial-load faculty will be eligible to vote, and each Local is currently confirming the lists of eligible faculty.

A successful strike mandate is legally required in order for the bargaining team to organize any work action, including work-to-rule, targeted strikes, or rolling strikes at different workplaces. It is made necessary by the CEC’s refusal so far to negotiate any of the core issues raised by faculty in this round of bargaining, including workload, job security, use of faculty course materials, and the conditions of partial-load faculty during and between their contracts.

A successful strike mandate will tell the employer that faculty are standing behind their demands, standing up for each other, and standing behind the bargaining team. It will also give faculty the chance to organize a response if the Employer unilaterally imposes new Terms and Conditions of employment, which it has prepared to do as early as December 13.

Save the Date – ReFrame Film Festival

We’re happy to announce that Peterborough’s beloved ReFrame Film Festival is back and available online across Canada! The 18th edition of the doc fest will be primarily virtual, with limited special in-person screenings. ReFrame will give audiences a full nine days to stream films from January 27 to February 4, 2022.

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